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Neighbourhood Watch is a community based crime prevention programme aimed at minimizing crime with the intention of the community and police working together.  It also provides community information on a wide variety of issues.  The programme aims to promote safety, security and quality of life.

Each group is based on a residential 'Area' of varying sizes and is divided into 'Zones'.  Volunteer committee members are required to run the Area and these committee positions include an Area Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Zone Representative and Newsletter Editor.  In addition to the Area committee, a Police Coordinator is selected for each Neighbourhood Watch group.

Neighbourhood Watch is a commitment by both residents and police.  The ultimate success of the programme depends on residents working together with police for a safer community.


The objectives are to:

  • minimize the incidence of preventable crime;
  • promote the necessity to report crime and suspicious activities;
  • aid the police role by improving the quality of information and support provided by residents;
  • improve the level of home and personal security;
  • reduce the fear of crime;
  • deter criminal activity by increasing the probability of apprehension by police;
  • develop a greater sense of neighbourly cooperation and responsibility;
  • enhance the relationship between police and residents; and
  • provide information on police procedures and structures.
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