Hope Valley/Highbury 222

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Welcome to Hope Valley/Highbury 3, NHW Area 222 - The Friendly Neighbourhood Watch Area

We meet on the second Monday of every month (inc. Public Holidays) excepting for January (holiday season) and July (mid-winter).   That's 10 times per year.  (Our June meeting is usually delayed by 1 week to miss the June long-weekend and because of the long break over July.)

Our two "special" meetings are our AGM in September, and our Christmas Meeting in December - both followed by a huge supper and great fellowship.

We also produce the "Hope Valley/Highbury Neighbourly News 222" Newsletter for distribution after each meeting.   That's 10 newsletters per year.

All our Residents are most welcome to each and every Neighbourhood Watch Meeting held from 7:30pm in the main building, Highbury Primary School.
The "normal" meetings usually only last about an hour, unless a Guest Speaker has been advertised.

Contact details:-

Area Co-ordinator          Phil Tavender            8264 0295

Secretary                       Mac Vogel                 8264 3940

Graffiti Info.                    8264 3940       or       8263 6366

Meetings for 2017:-

13th February,     13th March,           10th April,            8th May,              19th June,

14th August,     11th September,     9th October,     13th November,     11th December